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Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants
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Image of a dental implant model at Gibson & Bartholomew Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry in Winston-Salem, NC. People seeking teeth replacement solutions will ask if dental implants are a choice for them among other dental implant FAQs. Dental technology is shifting and advancing pretty fast, with new technologies being introduced. Patients who in the past could be considered not candidates for dental implants can today get them. Even when your bone mass is not up to par, there are implants placed at strategic angles and locations of the jaw to provide optimal stability. Our dentist at Gibson & Bartholomew Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry first examines your mouth and checks for any issues that could hinder the successful placement of implants. To be a candidate, you would need to have certain basic qualities.

Good Medical Health

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry stresses good medical health as one of the characteristics that show you can successfully receive dental implants. Make sure you check with your doctor before visiting us for a dental implant evaluation. You need to tell us about your past medical history as well as the medications you use. Dental implants work best when your health is good, or if you suffer any disease like diabetes, it is first brought under control. Conditions such as diabetes can keep you from healing properly. A condition such as a recent cardiac event such as a stroke or heart attack will lead to postponement of the surgery to a later date.

Enough Bone

A patient needs to have enough bone to allow proper and firm support of the implants. In that case, we may decide to grow bone where it is required when you have insufficient jawbone. We use the grafting technique to introduce artificial bone into the deficient area. Sometimes, dentists use a membrane to hold the grafted bone in place. The body turns the graft over and grows it into its own bone.

Good Oral Health

If you are planning to receive dental implants, you should begin looking after your oral health and taking it seriously. Taking good care of the teeth is imperative for your dental implant procedure to be successful. Since dental implant placement involves surgery, it is possible for gum disease or infections of the gums to reduce the odds of success.

Our dentist may suggest treatment before dental implants to optimize your oral health and only then, can we go ahead to perform the procedure. We always have to tackle any immediate concerns to get you to the good health of your mouth before doing the implant process. Our dentist may perform routine dental cleanings, scaling, and planing, or other treatments aimed at clearing up any active infection.

A Commitment to Oral Care and Hygiene

Once you have the implant in place, it is imperative to regularly brush and floss. A commitment to strict home care and regular dental cleanings is crucial to the success of dental implants. You will have to keep your scheduled regular check-ups and cleanings, as well as x-rays. Those with healthy dental implants should visit our dental office every six months. If you have, however, undergone a major reconstruction, we may ask you to return to our office every three to four months.

Visit us at Gibson & Bartholomew Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry to find out your option on dental implants vs bridges. Call us at (336) 283-2593 to book an appointment.

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