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Dental Fillings
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The dental filling process is done to repair a tooth that has been damaged by decay. The aim is to restore the tooth to its normal state. At Gibson & Bartholomew Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry, we are experts of oral health. We will repair your teeth and get them back to proper working condition.

Decay eats away your tooth and leaves cavities behind. The decayed area has to be removed, cleaned up, and filled up. The process also involves blocking bacteria pathways to prevent further decay. Tooth decay can make you lose your teeth if it is not remedied in good time. The filling is the most immediate solution to a decayed tooth that has not been eaten away beyond repair.

Types of Filling?

There are different types of filling materials that can be used. The type used for you depends on the nature of your teeth, and if you have any kind of allergies. You must be able to pay the costs of the materials. Some of the materials that can be used are quite costly.

You can have your decayed tooth filled up with the following materials:
•  Plastic Resins. Plastic resins are commonly used as they are easy to match with the color of the patient’s teeth. Many people want any dental implants that are placed in their mouth to blend in with their teeth. Plastic resins are easy to work with in that regard. The ingredients for the filling are mixed and poured into the cavity. The resin will harden and fill up the cavity. Plastic resins can easily become stained by tea or coffee, however. They also wear out easily too. They can easily chip if you use the tooth to bite into hard stuff.
•  Porcelain. Porcelain fillings are quite common. An impression of the cavity left on your tooth is taken to the lab, and a porcelain filling is made for you. It will then be fixed and bonded onto the tooth. Porcelain is easy to match with your teeth color as well, and it is less likely to become stained. A porcelain filling is costlier than the plastic resins, however.
•  Silver. Silver fillings are quite strong and durable. They are not costly either. However, they are difficult to match with the color of your teeth. Many people use them to fill cavities on pre-molars and molars, but not on the front teeth.
•  Gold. You can also opt for Gold fillings. They are considered a luxury option. They are the most expensive tooth fillings you can get. They are very durable and attractive to wear. Gold fillings can last for up to 20 years. Although they will not blend in with the color of the rest of the teeth, many people don’t mind having them on their front teeth.

If you are looking to get your decayed tooth mended, call Gibson & Bartholomew Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry at (336) 283-2593, and you will be attended to. It is important that you get a professional to examine your decayed tooth to ensure you get the best treatment.

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